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2022 Barrett + Cornwall Brighton Icicle Sterling Ornament
    2022 Barrett + Cornwall Brighton Icicle Sterling Ornament
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    • 2022 Barrett + Cornwall Brighton Icicle Sterling Ornament

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    • Sterling Silver Ornament
    • 8th Edition
    • Brighton Icicle Theme
    • Three Dimensional
    • BC .925 Engraved on top Ring
    • 5.8" High
    • Not Dated
    • Made in the USA
    • Gift Box, Brochure, Red Ribbon & Velvet Pouch Included
    Gathering the wintery sparkle of the holiday season with every whimsical detail, the Barrett+Cornwall Brighten Icicle, brings a touch of magic to the season. Stunning, whether tucked amongst the branches of a Christmas tree or gracefully dangling from a wreath, this annual icicle brings an elegant aspect to the season’s style. Beautifully sculpted, masterfully made, in precious sterling silver the icicle captures the rich but fleeting enchantment of wintertime. New icicle designs will be offered annually, all expertly made in America, in sterling silver. The ornament measures 5.8" high and includes elegant gift box, brochure, and flannel bag. Not Dated.
    This item can be personalized with an engraved hang tag. View Engravable Hang Tags.
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