Engraving on most items is $7.94 per side. To have an item engraved please choose the engraving option on the product page, enter what you would like engraved, and add the item to your cart. If you do not see an option for engraving on a product contact us for assistance. All engraving will be sized appropriately to fit your item unless you instruct us otherwise. If you have any questions about personalizing an item please contact us; we would be more than happy to assist you. In addition we offer engravable hang tags that can be added to ornaments that are not suited for engraving. Items that are engraved are not returnable for refund or exchange. View Engravable Hang Tags

Engraving Fonts

Engraving Fonts

Letter Style

Engraving Initials

Using names with plain text to personalize an item is a popular choice. A first or last name, first and last name, or first, middle, and last name can be engraved depending on available space. For some items it may be necessary to engrave on multiple lines to include the full name. This is a common choice for those who would like to include a date as well. (Robert Smith)

A traditional three letter monogram includes three initials with the last initial larger in the center with the first initial on the left and the middle initial on the right. (Robert David Smith)

A three letter monogram with all letters the same size in order of first, middle and last initials. (Robert David Smith)

A single letter monogram typically utilizes the last initial. (Robert David Smith)

For couples with the same last name a traditional three letter monogram can be used with the last initial centered larger in the center and the couple’s first initials on either side. (Robert & Mary Smith)

Date Style

Engraving Dates

For smaller items we recommend a numerical date where numbers are separated by slashes, dashes or periods.

An alphanumeric date is a great option when the item has enough room.

We utilize a state of the art fiber laser for engraving. The fiber laser allows for clearer text whether small or large. Fiber lasers do not physically touch the surface they are engraving thus avoiding dents that can be caused by rotary engravers. Custom engraving is available for company logos, images, and designs. Please contact us for more information.